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Walk with wolfie

Thank you Warrington wolves

Wolfie made a star appearance on the afternoon of Wednesday 14th November to help keep Broomfields' children keep fit and healthy! Children came to school dressed in the Warrington Wolves colours of primrose and blue - half the proceeds of the children's voluntary donations went towards the Wolves Foundation for all the good they do within the community and half went to Broomfields which will help pay for much needed PE resources. Wolfie helped the children run their daily mile and many children ran much further! A super afternoon was had by all.


All year groups took part in many varied activities to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War One. 5JS performed a superb class assembly and all year groups created amazing and thought provoking poetry, drama, art and dance. At the end of the week, all the children took part in a special assembly with hope and peace being the focus.





Year 6 Victorian Day

Year 6 had a very different day at school, when they went back to the Victorian Era.  They had a full day experiencing the three 'Rs' along with exercise in the yard.  Unfortunately some of the children needed the cane for poor cleanliness and rudeness!  Remember, good better best, never let it rest, until your good gets better and your better is your best!




Year 4 - Stargazing



Year 4 were Stargazing today!  The story of the three stargazers unfolded, to tell the Nativity Story.  We had dancing cowboys and cowgirls, a royal party, fabulous singing and a full stable scene.  The children were absolutely amazing and all of the staff are really proud of the children's performance today.  


Year 6 Bah Humbug


Year 6 gave a super performance of Bah Humbug today, demonstrating the most mature acting, beautiful singing and incredible dances.  The childrne have worked hard to make this play their own, choreographing the dances themsleves and using their own time to teach them to fellow pupils.  The staff and parents are so proud of your achievements today, you really were the 'Best that you could be!'


Macbeth by year 6

Year 6 have read the script of Macbeth and in groups they have each created their own interpretations of what the scene should look like.  It was not only fantastic fun, but also helped all of Year 6 to undertand the story of Macbeth for their synopsis.




Year 3 - Creepy crawly christmas


Year 3 gave an amazing performance of a Creepy Crawly Christmas.  They acted, sung and performed to their parents and carers, making all of the staff at schools so proud of their achievements. It is hard to believe they are the youngest in our school, they were true professionals!



Year 5 c-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s spells christmas


Year 5 were brilliant in their performance today of C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas.  We had groovey angels, magical magi, a full nativity scene to mention just a few.  The children showed how talented they are with their wonderful singing, dancing and acting.  We are so proud of you.




The Christmas sing


To finish our term in a festive way the whole school came together for our traditional Christmas sing.  We were entertained by the choir, chime bars, children singing from year 6, as well as our usual Twelve Days of Christmas.  What a way to end such a super term.




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