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A Message from Mrs Morris Brown

Hello and Welcome to Broomfields Junior School.

Here at Broomfields we are committed to providing the best educational experience for all of our pupils.  The focus in our school is on giving all pupils the opportunity to achieve their full potential.  This means providing exciting lessons so they make the best progress they can in their studies but also providing guidance and support so they can develop as happy, well-balanced individuals who can make the right decisions for themselves.

Visitors often comment on the warm and friendly atmosphere in our school and, of course, how busy it is.  The wealth of visits out of school, after school clubs and visitors into school all add to the enriched curriculum we offer and help pupils to make the most of their learning.  The residential visits for our pupils are particularly important, not only for developing independence and confidence, but for building lasting memories of their school days.

Pupils at Broomfields impress me every day with their open and caring attitude towards everyone in our school.  We strive to foster this inclusive approach in all of our links with partners in the community to ensure full access for everyone.

Should you need to know more and wish to see the school at work then you will always be made welcome. We shall be delighted to show you round.
We are proud of our school, its buildings, personnel and achievements, these being the result of hard work by both children and staff alike. We invite you to join us in the partnership between home and school which is so vital for the education and welfare of young children. Together, we can continue to enhance your children's learning and growth in an industrious, exciting, challenging, happy and caring environment.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs R H Morris Brown