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How we select our trainees

Suitability for Teaching:

We will interview only those applicants who have had some experience of working in schools. It is a good idea to experience working with children of different ages in primary schools in order to help demonstrate your commitment as well as helping you to be sure in your own mind that teaching is the career for you. Do use your time in schools wisely. For example, you may shadow experienced teachers, observe their work closely and discuss the various aspects of teaching with them.

Interview Process:

Applicants invited to attend an interview will complete a number of activities on the day. Typically, applicants will be asked to carry out a teaching activity with a small group of children, write a letter to parents about an event happening in school and to have an individual interview with head teachers or leaders from various schools within the alliance.
Please note that you will certainly be asked about your experience of working with children and your knowledge of how primary schools operate. The interviewers will be trying to find out about your commitment to teaching and whether you have properly considered what a career as a primary teacher will involve. You may bring along any evidence of your work with children in school, such as portfolios of work or letters from head teachers, to discuss with your interviewers. You will also be given the opportunity to ask questions about the programme. All relevant information regarding the day is forwarded in good time to those applicants invited for interview.

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