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Coronavirus Updates

Covid Risk Assessments.  

Coronavirus Information

Managing Covid in School: We are contiuing to monitor cases carefully and liaise with the Warrington Public Health team if numbers begin to rise within classes. We will follow guidance as to when to implement further measures, such as making a class a separate bubble for a period of time, creating bubbles across the school, or even, as a last resort, needing to send home particular classes for remote learning if staffing becomes an issue. The key ways that parents can support the school is by:

  • Lateral flow testing your children and as a family twice a week
  • Not sending your child to school if they have a cough, temperature or loss of smell/taste – book a PCR test
  • Lateral flow testing your child if they are poorly with a headache, cold, sore throat, tummy ache, for example, before you consider sending them to school at any point throughout the term

As always, we will be happy to offer any advice, so please phone the school office to speak with a member of staff or leave a message if the answer machine is on, first thing in the morning and a member of the office team will get back to you. Alternatively, email school on: reception@broomfieldsjunior.tcat.uk.com and we will respond as soon as we can.

Returning to school after a positive test: The earliest you can lateral flow test your child is day 5 and day 6 – the tests must be taken 24 hours apart and both must be negative. Your child is not allowed to return to school before the full 10-day self-isolation period has ended unless they have two negative lateral flow tests. Please email the office: reception@broomfieldsjunior.tcat.uk.com to confirm that your child has had two negative lateral flow tests before they return early. 

How to Calculate which day of Covid your child is on: The day your child started with symptoms or, if asymptomatic, the day your child tested positive is 'Day 0'. You then start counting the days as the following day being 'Day 1' and so on.

Remote Learning Policy

When your child is off school, due to Covid, do please let the office know if they are well enough to complete any work, as the teachers will ensure there is work on Google Classroom for your child to complete. 

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