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Children's illnesses and medicine in school

If your child has been absent through illness please ensure he/she is fully recovered before returning to school. Should your child become unwell in school, we will care for him/her whilst contacting you through your "Emergency Contact Number".

Please notify us of any change in the "Emergency Contacts". This information is sometimes vital.

The school prefers parents to come into school to administer medicines to children e.g. antibiotics. Where this is really not possible the following applies:-

The Warrington Policy adopted by Broomfields Junior School stresses that:

  • Medicines will only be administered in school, if the medicine is brought to school by the child's parent and handed to the Headteacher with clear instructions for use written by the parent. This then constitutes formal permission.
  • Any such medicine must be clearly marked with the child's name and prescribed dosage.
  • Only medication (such as inhalers for asthma) previously agreed between parents and school (listed on Emergency Contact Information) may be personally carried and used by children. No other medications should be brought by the children and verbal messages from children regarding dosages will not be accepted.
  • Patent medicines, such as cough mixtures or tonics, should only be brought to school by parents if they have been prescribed by the child's own doctor.
  • The school is not allowed to keep or administer aspirin or paracetamol to children in school.
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