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School Sport Funding

In April 2013 the Government announced new funding of £150 million for physical education and sport.

Broomfields Junior School has received the following funding:

2013/14 £10,175   2014/15 £8261  2015/16 £9560

This funding is to help us to provide breadth in PE & Sport provision including increase in pupil’s involvement in sport, healthy lifestyles and performance levels.

Broomfields Junior School has chosen to use its funding to:

  •        To increase participation in local, regional and national competitions.
  •        Employ a specialist PE Teaching Assistant to support all staff and pupils in their PE sessions.
  •        Implement sporting events for Primary, Infant and Junior Schools in the Bridgewater cluster.
  •        Introduce and maintain a Y4 Swimming Gala
  •        Subsidize the cost of transport to sporting events

The Broomfields Junior School "Ronnies' Race"


PE & School Sport

At Broomfields Junior School we recognise the important contribution that a comprehensive and engaging programme of Physical Education makes to the all-round health and well-being of the children in our care. In addition, it is considered that an outstanding PE curriculum and varied extra-curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, social skills, self-belief and academic achievement of the children.

The Headteacher and PE co-ordinator are committed to ensure that all pupils receive a minimum of 2 hours of high quality well-planned PE per week delivered by confident and well trained teachers. The successful delivery of the curriculum supports all aspects of health education within the school. Regular staff training is provided to teachers and assistants to keep them abreast of new initiatives, ensuring that PE is a high profile subject. Most recently, the staff have had training in cricket, tag rugby, handball, gymnastics and tennis. Two members of staff have also completed their Level 1 Football Association coaching qualification enabling them to offer guidance and advice to other staff members. We have two fully qualified Physical Education specialists on our staff, one of which is currently working alongside staff in their Physical Education lessons to help increase and develop the knowledge and confidence of all staff in their provision of P.E across the curriculum. As a result, we are working towards a sustained legacy of the 2012 Olympics. Monitoring of lessons ensures they are planned and delivered to a high quality, guaranteeing both pupil achievement and enjoyment. We aim to help the children acquire and develop new skills and select and apply these skills in a game or performance situation. We also encourage them to evaluate their own work and that of others whilst developing their own knowledge and understanding of fitness. Children are also encouraged to develop their skills as sports leaders and referees. Throughout the year the children are given the opportunity to take part in a variety of sporting activities which they may not have tried before. In addition to this, each term every child takes part in an inter-house competition; scores are totalled together across the school and the House Sports Cup is awarded to the house with the highest number of points. During the summer term we hold a Sports Day where every child takes part in a variety of multi-skills activities, culminating in traditional competitive races, including a race for the under-fives. This is followed by a Summer Fair with stalls organised by the school HSA (Home, School Association) and by Year 6 children. The children of Broomfields Junior School also attend three residential trips throughout their time with us, where they are given the opportunity to challenge themselves both physically and mentally.
Year 6 play leaders organise play equipment for use on the playground to encourage the children to be active during break time. In addition, P.E monitors are given the responsibility of helping organise and maintain sports equipment in preparation for lessons.

Staff are encouraged to offer a PE club as an extra-curricular activity and clubs are also offered by accredited outside providers. As a result, the children are able to choose from a broad selection of activities, as follows: cross country, basketball, netball (high fives), dance, cheer-leading, cricket, contact rugby, football, fencing, judo, fitness boot camp, tennis and multi-skills. When children are asked to choose which club they would like to attend, time and care is taken to ensure the greatest numbers of children are able to participate. We also maintain links with local clubs, often inviting them to assemblies to encourage the children to go along and get involved.

As a school we regularly enter teams into inter-school competitions. Most recently both our boys’ and girls’ cross country teams won the Warrington Athletics Club Cross Country Competition held at Walton Gardens. The Year 3 and Year 4 football teams took part in ‘The Road to Goodison’ competition with the Year 3 team winning their event. The contact rugby team took part in a tournament linked to the Rugby World Cup. The Year 6 football team have secured a place in the county final and the Year 4 swimming team won the Bridgewater Cluster swimming gala.

We are also proud of the fact that we host three inter-school competitions throughout the school year: a Year 3/4football tournament, a year 5/6 football tournament and the Bales’ Race – a cross country event. We also organise sports festivals to enable all children to experience the fun and social aspect of inter-school competition. All of Year 5 recently met other Year 5 children from the Bridgewater Cluster at Broomfields Leisure Centre, where they competed together in mixed teams. Year 3 will have the opportunity to do this in the spring term.

As a school we are also aware of the important role Physical Education can play across the curriculum. We have most recently had a visit from Jenna Downing, the world champion inline skater, as part of our ‘Be the Best You Can Be’ topic in PSHCE. We have also previously been visited by Ciaran Williams, who came to see us prior to playing handball for Team GB in the 2012 Olympics; Darren Campbell came to visit after our children competed in a number of different challenges to win the BBC ‘We Are the Champions’ game for Sports Relief; plus we were visited by ex- rugby league players, Anthony Sullivan and the late Steve Prescott, who brought the Rugby League Challenge Cup trophy to show the children. By inviting these visitors to speak about the challenges they have overcome to achieve their success, we aim to inspire all our children to develop a good work ethic and to reach for their dreams.

Primary school experiences are pivotal to the children’s future perception of physical activity and the enthusiasm and enjoyment of the pupils at Broomfields Junior School is testament to the passion and dedication of all staff. Pupils leave the school equipped to enjoy sport for all its health and social benefits. For those who relish the competitive element, they gain the skills, confidence and relevant experience to succeed at their chosen level and discipline and we are very proud of the fact that many of our alumni have gone on to achieve great sporting enjoyment and success.