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Welcome to Year 5

On behalf of all the Year 5 staff,  we would like to welcome you, as parents to Year 5. You will be pleased to learn that the children have settled in well and that most have made a very positive start. We have a very busy year ahead and hope that it will be an extremely enjoyable, hard working and productive year for all the Year 5 children. Here is an outline for you of our plans for the term ahead and trust that this will be useful to you.

The children will be taking part in Gymnastics and Games lessons throughout the coming term.













As always, we expect the children to have their full P.E. kit for every lesson (white t-shirt and shorts for Gymnastics and tracksuit, jogging bottoms, trainers, sweatshirt or white P.E. kit for Games). In case lessons have to be rearranged due to inclement weather or hall timetable rearrangements, we would like all children to bring their kit in on a Monday and take it home each Friday. If your child wears tights, we ask that they bring spare socks to change into for games lessons. Also, if your child has pierced ears we ask that they remove earrings for PE lessons. Please make your child’s teacher aware if earrings cannot be removed for any reason and we can adapt the lesson accordingly. Thank you very much for your support in this matter.


The homework timetable will be fully up and running for most subjects from the week beginning 8th September. However, some pieces will begin laater. This is due to Bike ability training. Please see start dates below.


Given Out

Due In

Times tables-

Thursday –starts 11thSeptember


Spellings- to be completed daily if possible.

Thursday-starts 25thSeptember


Reading Record - to read/ discuss a book with an adult 3 times a week

Monday- starts 8thSeptember


Class Homework – 1 piece per week which could be numeracy, literacy or topic based.

Friday- starts 8thSeptember


We appreciate that the children lead very busy lives and consequently there may be occasions when it is not possible to complete a task in the given time; in such circumstances could you please write to your child’s class teacher. There will be no problem in granting additional time.

Literacy and Numeracy

For numeracy, we will be operating set groups according to their ability. These groups will initially be based on Y4 set groups and end of year assessments. Your child will be closely monitored and any movements between sets will be made if we feel it is needed. You will always be informed if your child is to move set group.
Literacy writing will remain in class with their class teacher and will be personalised to your child’s needs.

Reading Sets

This year we will be introducing a high level reading set for children who have excelled in Y4 in reading. It is our aim to work children in this set through the Y6 level 5 material to prepare them for level 6 during Y6.

Children outside of this group will remain in mixed ability groups and will be working towards the Y5 curriculum. Work will be differentiated to your individual child’s needs.

GAPS and Spelling Sets

During the coming week, the Year 5 children will be assessed and then placed into a GAPS and Spelling Set. The children will be grouped according to their spelling needs. Spelling Sets will operate every Thursday morning starting on the 25th September.


As you may already be aware, all children in school are learning to play the recorder. Recorders are provided by school for every child and they are sterilized after each lesson. If you wish to purchase a recorder for your child so that they can use their own recorder in school, please make sure that the recorder is labelled clearly with your child’s name and class.

Parental Help

As always we are looking for any parents to help in school during the course of the year, we have already had some volunteers, thank you! If anybody else can help us, please contact your child’s class teacher. You will need a DBS check if you have not already had one, this can easily be arranged through our school office. However, it can take a few weeks to come through so if you are planning to join us for any activities at any point during the year it may be worth contacting the office as soon as possible.

Our Y5 Staff Team