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At Broomfields Junior School we are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all of our pupils, whatever their needs and abilities.  We aim to develop an ethos of care, empathy and understanding, where every child reaches their potential, regardless of ability level, race, gender or cultural background.  We are committed to each child's personal well-being and academic success. 

Key SEND Policies

Warrington's local offer

Ask Ollie

ADDvanced solutions

ADDvanced Solutions Community Network encourages, equips and empowers children, young people and their families living with neurodevelopmental conditions, specific learning difficulties and associated mental health needs.

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Their engaging, community-based, learning, coaching and mentoring programmes will help you and your family to better recognise, understand and meet your individual needs, enabling you to manage the day to day challenges.

Regardless of where you live, you can access our community network groups that raise awareness; develop skills; share learning experiences; and build confidence. 

Parental courses

ADDvanced solutions offer free courses for parents to support you with your child's needs.  If you are requesting a referral for neuro pathways, you must complete this course first.  Please click on the picture below to find out more. 


Further support and information

Anxiety information

Anxiety is a perfectly normal human state and actually has its uses!  It does however negatively impact on how well you can do things, your enjoyment of things and everyday life, if the feeling becomes too intense.  Please read the document below, which includes information about what anxiety is, spotting signs, useful tips for parents and young people and where you can seek futher help.

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