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Staying Safe online

We are highly committed to keeping everyone at Broomfields Junior School safe, including when using a computer.  The following are our Internet Safety Rules.  These are shared with the children, and are displayed everywhere that the children have access to the Internet.  Understanding these rules forms a key part of our PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education) curriculum.


  • We always ask permission from an adult before using the Internet.
  • We use the Internet safely, responsibly and sensibly.
  • We tell an adult straight away if we see anything we are uncomfortable with online.
  • We immediately close any web page we are not sure about, and tell an adult.
  • We only e-mail people an adult has approved.
  • We send e-mails that are polite and friendly.
  • We never give out any personal information or passwords.
  • We never arrange to meet anyone we don’t know.
  • We do not open e-mails sent by anyone we don’t know (tell an adult).
  • We do not use Internet chat rooms.
  • Remember to be a SMART user when going online.
  • When using social media (check the age limits) we do not send any nasty messages/images. We wouldn’t say that to someone’s face, so we don’t do it online either.

The children will also focus on eSafety as part of the worldwide Safer Internet Day campaign. 

Further resources:

Think U Know website - more information, and fun games to play about eSafety for parents and children.
Cybercafe website for Key Stage 2 children

CEOP Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre http://ceop.police.uk

TikTok - key information to keep your child safe

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