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Values & Ethos

Our highly committed and valued staff, working in partnership with parents, governors and all stakeholders, will ensure Broomfields Junior is a school where:

  • Effective teamwork forms the basis of a professional and motivated staff who always put children first
  • A caring ethos nurtures positive relationships, with everyone equally valued and all achievements celebrated
  • An engaging, relevant and enjoyable curriculum promoting British Values ensures children are well prepared for education, work and life
  • A culture of challenge and high expectation is promoted to maximize individual potential
  • An awareness of self, community and global issues fosters responsible behaviour with respect for all
  • Children are taught in a stimulating learning environment where high quality resources are paramount

Our Aims at Broomfields

Outcomes for Pupils

  • Help all pupils learn to the best of their ability, acquiring and developing key skills and a deep knowledge across the curriculum
  • Enthuse children to make rapid progress as they develop and apply a range of skills to ensure that they are exceptionally well prepared for the next stage in their education
  • Strive for the highest standards possible

Quality of education

  • Draw upon the excellent subject knowledge of teachers to create outstanding lessons
  • Use imaginative teaching strategies to promote high levels of enthusiasm for, participation in and commitment to learning
  • Promote high levels of resilience, confidence and independence in children when tackling challenging activities

Personal Development, Behaviour & attitudes

  • Have a consistent approach towards behaviour management, guiding children to manage their own behaviour in the classroom and in social situations where they demonstrate high levels of engagement, courtesy, collaboration and cooperation
  • Ensure children have an excellent, enthusiastic attitude towards their learning, helping their peers learn and thrive in an atmosphere of respect and dignity
  • Help pupils to feel safe, teaching what constitutes unsafe situations and how pupils can keep themselves and others safe in and out of school

Leadership & Management

  • Pursue excellence through an uncompromising and highly successful drive to improve and maintain the highest levels of achievement
  • Provide a broad, balanced, differentiated and innovative curriculum full of memorable experiences and rich opportunities delivered by outstanding teachers
  • Establish a friendly and trusting relationship between home and school so that we work together for the good of the pupils

The Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development of Pupils at the School

  • Raise awareness of moral values and diversity within a mainly Christian ethos;
  • Encourage community cohesion by raising the awareness of pupils to their own and other cultures, fostering concern and respect for others;
  • Engender an understanding of sustainable development through encouraging care for yourself, others and the environment;
  • Ensure that at every level, in all our work and throughout all aspects of the school community and its life, all will be treated equally.
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