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Physical Education

A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. It should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.


At Broomfields Junior School, we believe that sport is an integral part of our curriculum. Our aim is to improve attitudes towards sport and increase participation in both PE lessons and extra-curricular activities. During the academic year 2021-2022 we were proud to achieved Gold in the School Games Mark.  We also took part in a wide variety of sporting events and provided after-school clubs for our children to participate in. We use Creative Steps to support our Dance curriculum and Get Set 4 PE, to ensure progression of skills and knowledge, as well as, revisiting learning in all other areas of PE.


The intention of Physical Education at Broomfields Junior School is to encourage children to be healthy in body and mind. We want our children to be strong, fit and active. We aim to ensure that children participate in sport and enjoy all it has to offer.  We want them to learn, through sport, what it means to show appropriate sporting behaviour, develop a healthy attitude towards competition and learn the importance of never giving up! We want our children to be fit, to have a healthy image of themselves as individuals and to recognise that they are all unique. We want our children to grow up to be happy, resilient, responsible, confident and independent. 

A vital part of PE delivery is teaching the children the importance of looking after their own body and well-being, and the benefits of exercise and a balanced diet has on this. 

At Broomfields Junior School we aim to inspire all children to develop a passion for sport by providing high quality lessons. The Get Set 4 PE and Creative Steps schemes include well-planned lessons and inclusion for all pupils. Staff training and support ensures the delivery of fundamental and sport specific skills.  Being active is essential to children’s physical and mental health. At Broomfields we ensure our children focus on improving their health and fitness, through choosing healthy snacks, engaging with their PE lessons, fully utilising our Daily Mile and becoming involved in our extra-curricular activities on offer.


All pupils are entitled to a progressive and comprehensive Physical Education programme which embraces the Statutory Orders of the National Curriculum and takes into account individual interests and needs.  Pupils have access to all components of the National Curriculum programmes of study, which states that P.E in school should teach the knowledge, skills and understanding through five areas of activity:

  • Dance activities
  • Games activities
  • Gymnastic activities

And two activity areas from:

  • Swimming activities and water safety
  • Athletic activities
  • Outdoor and adventurous activities

The school follows the PE long term plan and uses the planned resources through our selected schemes of work: Creative Steps (for dance) and Get Set 4 PE. This incorporates units of work in each area outlined above.  The schemes progressively build on key knowledge, skills and techniques. 

Each class spends two hours per week on PE.  Each Year 4 and Year 5 class has a programme of 10 weeks of swimming at Broomfields Leisure Centre. Broomfields Junior School is committed to providing a comprehensive programme of P.E and physical activity. Therefore, it is the aim that each child takes part in at least one further hour of P.E or physical activity through activities such as Wake and Shake, the Daily Mile or cross curricular activities..  We also run a range of after school clubs.


Throughout the year we will have children who are all attaining their 30 minutes a day of exercise within the school day as well as 30 minutes outside school, including their two hours of timetabled PE a week We will have children who have experienced new sports and activities as well as running the daily mile. Through strong subject leadership and CPD we have staff who are confident and skilled to deliver all areas of PE to a very high standard. 

Alongside all the hard work going on within school, we have also invested in bringing in inspirational athletes to work alongside the children in order to inspire more children to participate in sport.

  • Warrington Wolves Rugby Coaches work alongside Y3 and Y4. They also coach our Y5/6 pupils for the Rugby Fire 7s Tournament
  • Cricket coaches

Being part of a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT), allows further support for teachers and creates a better understanding of how everyone can benefit from PE and sport. We are excited to create our very first MAT football team for Years 5&6. We are also excited to create more sporting opportunities for girls which has improved engagement.

Curriculum Overview


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Key Policies

Progression Documents

Sporting Acheivements so far this year...


  • Y4 mixed - 3rd place
  • Y5 boys - 3rd Place 
  • Y6 boys - 1st place
  • Y5 girls - 2nd place
  • Y6 girls - group stage
  • Y5/6 boys - Cheshire County Finals


  • Y5/6 mixed - 2nd place - qualified for town finals in March
  • Y5/6 won the Bridgewater cluster tournament.
  • 3rd in the Town Finals


  • Bridgewater Cluster Qualifiers - 1st Place
  • 2nd in the town finals
  • 3rd place in the County Finals

New Age Kurling

  • 2nd Place

Swimming gala

  • They had a 3rd place and 2nd place finish and they won the relay

Cross Country

  • Y6 girls - 1st place
  • Y6 boys - 2nd place
  • Y5 boys - 3rd place
  • Individual award - 2nd place for Esmie W


  • Spirit of the Game Award

Sporting Achievements 2022-2023

  • Runners up in Dynamos cricket
  • Joint first place in girls only Dynamos cricket
  • Runners up in the Broomfields Swimming gala
  • Year 6 girls achieved third place at Walton Gardens cross country
  • Year 6 boys achieved first place
  • Third place overall for one of our boys
  • Y6 Girls and Y5 boys achieved 1st place at the Culcheth cross country
  • Y6 Boys grabbed a 2nd place finish
  • Two of our children came first and second.
  • 1st place in Sportshall Athletics at the Bridgewater cluster
  • 1st place at the town finals for athletics
  • 3rd place in the whole county
  • Netball.. 1st place Bridgewater cluster, 1st place in Warrington town finals, 3rd place in the county. 1st place at the Stockton Heath tournament, Runners up at the Sandbach Cheshire tournament
  • 2nd place in the Warrington Schools qualifier for football
  • 2nd place in the Warrington Town finals at Liverpool Academy
  • 1st place in the Broomfields Football tournament
  • 2nd place at the St. Peter’s Rugby Challenge cup
  • 1st place in the Fire 7’s for the second year running!

Sporting Achievements 2021-2022

  • Road to Finch Farm finalists (Y6) – Children came second in their cluster heats and progressed to play at Everton’s training ground (Finch Farm).
  • Road to Finch Farm (Y5) – Third place
  • Sportshall Athletics – 1st place in Cluster Heats
  • Sportshall Athletics – 1st in Warrington Finals
  • Sportshall Athletics – 3rd in County Finals
  • Culcheth Football Tournament (Y5&6) – Third Place
  • Broomfields Junior Football Tournament - Second Place
  • Sir Thomas Boteler Football Tournament – Second Place
  • Walton Gardens Cross Country – 2nd place individual girls (Y6), 2nd place individual boys (Y6)
  • Dynamos Cricket – Town Finalists
  • Girls Dynamos Cricket – Second place (Town Finalists)
  • Culcheth Cross country – two individual first place, Y5&6 boys first place, Y3&4 girls third place.
  • Fire 7s Rugby – Children were given the opportunity to play at the Halliwell Jones Stadium where they won their heats and progressed to the semi-final and then the final. They became overall champions of Warrington, which is an amazing achievement!
  • Bridgewater Netball Tournament – Third Place
  • Inter School Girls Football Tournament
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