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Parenting courses - supporting with neurodiversity - Click the image below to find out more...

Parenting course

The 14 Day, In It Together, document includes useful information about routines and how you can adapt to this new way of life, during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  The links below are also useful for giving information and guidance if your children have ADHD or are on the Autistic Spectrum. 

If your child is struggling with their sleeping patterns, you could attend this course to seek support.  Click on the image to be taken to the website.

SEND Support from SENDIAS

Click on the image to link to SEND IAS

SEND IAS informtion:

Most children will move through pre-school, school and college without any major problems, but some children and young people, may have difficulties in learning. If you have concerns or worries we may be able to help.

We can explain:

  • How the education system works

  • What early education providers, schools and colleges can do to help your child/young person.

  • What local authorities and other services can do to help your child/young person.

  • Your rights and your child/young persons rights.

We work in partnership with parents, schools, colleges, local authority and other service providers.

ADHD - support and help

For more useful information on ADHD - have a look on the ADHD Foundation website. Just click on the picture to visit the site. 

Useful links

ADHD a guide for parents
Mental health and wellinging
National Autistic Society
Parenting course(1)
ADHD Parenting Tips
Social stories

Our World and My World

As a school we feel it is important that all of our pupils and staff feel they are understood and each of their unique qualities are celebrated. We hold assemblies to give information to our pupils about a wide variety of differences and how they can support each other in our world. Please take a look... 


Here is our assembly about Autism.  We also used the following video with the children. Just click on the image to watch the clip.  The PDF below shows the presentation the children watched. 

Tourette Syndrome

Here is our assembly about Tourette Syndrome. The children learnt about tics and how they can support other people with Tourette's. 

Click on the Tourettes Action logo to learn more. 

Cystic Fibrosis

In our assembly today, we learnt about CF - Cystic Fybrois. One of our pupils who has the condition helped to deliver this to the whole school. We were so proud!

Click on the Our World and My World to watch a video about CF.

Down Syndrome

Steve from Down Syndrome Cheshire kindly came to school to share information about Down Syndrome.  Here is the video link to his presentation. Click on the image to watch the film.


Here is our assembly on ADHD.  This was produced by one of our children in Year 6, to support other people understanding more about ADHD,

Click on the image to watch the video that supported the powerpoint.


Here is our assembly on worry and anxiety.  Take a look at the videos to see how to deal with worries. Worry affects us all, so do not feel alone. 

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