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Design and Technology

Design and technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject. Using creativity and imagination, pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values. They acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and draw on disciplines such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art. Pupils learn how to take risks, becoming resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens.

Through the evaluation of past and present design and technology, they develop a critical understanding of its impact on daily life and the wider world. High-quality design and technology education makes an essential contribution to the creativity, culture, wealth and well-being of the nation.

Key Policies


It is the intent of Broomfields Junior School that Design Technology is taught in all year groups with a topic per term, meaning that each year group covers three Design Technolgy topics per year, one of these will relate to food. Where appropriate Design Technolgy topics will be cross curricular, linking with our wider curriculum.

It is the intent of Broomfields Junior School that our children are prepared to deal with tomorrows rapidly changing world. Design Technology encourages children to become independent, creative problem solvers and thinkers, who are able to work with confidence both individually and as part of a team. We will encourage children to consider their own and others’ needs, to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts. They will be given opportunities to look at past and present design, to reflect upon and evaluate uses and effectiveness. We would like our children to become innovators and risk takers -  not to be afraid of challenges, to not give in, but to persevere and find solutions to problems they encounter.


At Broomfields Junior School the teaching of Design Technology follows the National Curriculum through the use of the Design and Technology Associations, Projects on a Page.  This will be taught in focussed blocks once per term in each year group.

Through a variety of creative and practical activities, we teach the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in an iterative process of design and making. This will involve planning, designing, implementing, testing and evaluating. It is important that evaluation is not seen as an end goal, but an ongoing process throughout the development of the product.  Children are given projects which have a purpose in mind and an intended user for the product. Food Technology is implemented across the school with children developing an understanding of where food comes from, seasonality of ingredients, and the importance of planning and preparing a healthy varied diet, creating links with science and PSHE.

At Broomfields Junior School, children will build upon the knowledge and skills taught in KS1, at The Cobbs Infant School. They will be expected to produce more detailed planning and annotated sketches. They will investigate and analyse existing products, and within Broomfields Junior School there is more emphasis on looking at events and real life problem solving; for example creating a fruit cocktail for the Year 6 Leavers’ Party.

Across all year groups children will develop an understanding of producing food safely. They will build on their understanding of a healthy and varied diet, looking at seasonality and different cooking techniques.

As well as children following the Projects on a page for Design Technology, there are also other opportunities where DT plays a key role - for example in ongoing STEM activities within each year group in Science, and within our Year 6 Enterprise week, where there were some super design activities to raise funds for the Leavers’  Party.


Assessment of children's learning in Design Technology is ongoing throughout the design and production process.  Teachers are able to make assessments according to the expectations as to where children's understanding, knowledge and skills are when observed in lessons. This will enable them to intervene, support, challenge or provide differentiation as necessary.

Design Technology is also monitored by the Subject leader throughout the year through talking to class teachers, observing lessons, book monitoring and pupil voice.

Curriculum overview

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