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Religious Education

RE promotes the spiritual, moral, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society and prepared such pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Key Policies


At Broomfields Junior School, we aim to ensure that pupils leave our school with respect, empathy and tolerance for people of all faiths, cultures and beliefs. In Religious Education sessions, children learn about the diverse society that they live in and develop their own personal beliefs and values. We aim to deliver an enriched curriculum which will offer children of all abilities the opportunities to enquire and investigate the key beliefs and teachings of world religions. We intend our children to develop the skills of interpretation, analysis and explanation and to be able to communicate their knowledge and understanding using specialist vocabulary. We intend to develop in our children a deep understanding to enable them to understand ultimate questions and ethical issues that apply to their own lives. We promote equality and empower pupils with the opportunity to challenge discrimination and stereotyping.


In order to deliver the aims and expected standards of the syllabus, R.E. should have the minimum allocation of 5% of curriculum time. This is approximately one hour per week, however teachers have the flexibility to use their professional judgement to decide how and when they allocate the minimum curriculum time.

We plan our Religious Education curriculum in accordance with Jigsaw Syllabus. We also use progression documents from the scheme to build on prior learning and we offer opportunities for children of all abilities to develop their skills and knowledge in each unit. There is progression planned into the scheme of work which offers an increasing challenge as they move through the school.


On-going formative assessments take place throughout the year and teachers use this information to inform next steps in future lessons; ensuring pupils are appropriately supported and challenged. Progress and attainment are checked against the National Curriculum expectations of attainment for Religious Education as well as through the use of the Jigsaw RE Scheme. Teachers also use the progression documents (taken from Jigsaw RE Scheme) for RE to ensure progress is being achieved. Further information is gathered on the impact of the RE curriculum through the RE Coordinator and SLT carrying out pupil voice; work scrutiny; and lesson observations which highlight strengths and achievement and any improvements in knowledge and skills that still need to be embedded.

Curriculum Overview

RE 2023-2024

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Religion Overviews and progression

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